The Old Man’s Story

As performed by The Monroe Brothers

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You ask me to tell you the reason

Why those tears in my eyes never leave

You ask me if someone ever loved me

And why all my life I must grieve

I once loved a fair young maiden

Just as fair as the blue skies above

And each night as we wandered together

The moon seemed to smile on our love

She swore that she had been faithful

She swore that her love would not die

But after I would not believe her

She kissed me and told me goodbye


I found that I had a false accuser

And went back to make her my bride

But there in the door stood her mother

And told me my sweetheart had died

I went in and kneeled down beside her

Just there in the hull of the room

And I prayed that my maker might take her

And brang me down to my doom

Now I have told you the reasons

Why those tears in my eyes never shine

For many a year of repentance

Just longing to lay down and die


I wonder if I’ll ever be forgiven

When I meet my maker some day

And I wonder if I’ll ever see my darling

On that bright and peaceful shore far away